U-M Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Noelle Carlozzi, PhD - Herding CATs: Computer Adaptive Test Development in Huntington Disease

Andrew Haig, MD- Strategies to Build Sustainable Rehabilitation in Poor Countries

Richard Harris, PhD - Acupressure’s Impact on Symptom Clusters in Cancer Survivors: Molecular Mechanisms of Management

Jacqueline Kaufman, PhD - Auditory and Visual Working Memory in Cerebral Palsy

Chandramouli Krishnan, PhD- Motor Learning and Functional Strength Training to Facilitate Neurological Recovery After Stroke

Michelle Meade, PhD- Mobile Technology to Facilitate Health and Independence Among Individuals with Disabilities: Overview of the UM Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center and the Collaboratory for Technology, Health & Independence

Elizabeth Sandel, MD - Comotio Cerebri: More Questions Than Answers

Ryan Stork, MD ( Kathy Kielb Award Recipient) - Physiologic Regulatory Dysfunction Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Exploring its Relationship to Prolonged Recovery and Implications for Interventions